What’s on in May

  Get ready for LifeGroup We’re excited that the next LifeGroup term is about to start. With food, friendship, growth and mission, LifeGroups are the core of our church community. If you haven’t been part of a LifeGroup in Trinity Central, why not try one out this week? LifeGroups are the best way to build relationships…


What’s on in April

April sees the transition between our LifeGroup terms. The highlight of this month is our Week of Prayer LifeGroups on break Our LifeGroups run for three terms through the year, and in between we have a break. These are not times ‘off’ LifeGroup – but opportunities to spend time together in different ways, such as going…



Leaving my Comfort Zone

Vancouver is a great city. Beautiful, vibrant, diverse, with so much to offer. But good as it is, not everyone thrives here. Vancouver also faces the challenge of poverty and disadvantage, with a large population of homeless people living on the streets. The Visible Homeless It’s many years since I lived in a big city, and when I did I was naive, eyes closed…


Have you met Jesus?

How do we get to know people? Unless you are an expert Facebook stalker (or you work for the NSA), you typically get to know someone based on what they tell you about themselves. We use stories to both get to know other people as well as letting other people get to know us. This…

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