Our story

Photo of Sara and Rhys Scott .

In 2010 God spoke to Rhys and Sara Scott about planting a church in Vancouver, giving them a vision to see another Jesus-magnifying community established here. At the time they were living in London, UK, where they had been involved in planting a church. Over the following nine months they gathered a team and, with the help of ChristCentral church in Fredericton, moved to Vancouver in September 2011. Initially they gathered people in their home, eating and praying together.

Starting a church in Vancouver

Six months later those gathering could no longer fit into the Scotts’ home and so they began meeting at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown. During the midweek people gathered in Foundations groups, discussing Terry Virgo’s The Spirit Filled Church and thinking through what it would mean to establish a New Testament community in Vancouver.

A growing and moving church

As Trinity Central grew, people were added locally and team members began to arrive from the UK and Eastern Canada. Within a few months the rooms at the Roundhouse could no longer contain us. In October 2012, after receiving a prophetic word about “the train moving to a new station”, Trinity Central moved downtown to the SFU Wosk Centre.

Together with Jeremy and Ann Simpkins, and Joe, Gary and Kevin from ChristCentral Fredericton, Rhys and Sara began to work with a leadership team.

Launching an Alpha course

In October 2012, Trinity Central launched its first Alpha course, led by Sam and Kath Wade, at a cafe called Sciue in Yaletown. Alpha became a key component of Trinity Central’s mission to reach people who don’t know Jesus. It was with great rejoicing that we saw the first people coming to faith in Jesus.

By early 2014 the church was outgrowing the Wosk Centre and with God’s help we found a new home back in Yaletown at the Vancity Theatre.


Gathering at Camp Sunrise on the Sunshine Coast in August 2014 we launched “Thirst” – a weekend of worship, teaching and fun that is helping us to develop an apostolic vision for church planting. We have held Thirst every year since 2014 and we have never failed to experience the warmth of God’s blessing and have a great time together.

Team Leadership and Membership

In October 2014 the first eldership team was appointed and, with much celebration, we moved from being a Vancouver church plant to being a Vancouver church. In August of 2016 we had the privilege of welcoming our first group of members. We are continuing to step forward in faith as we partner with God to bring the good news of Jesus to Vancouver and beyond.

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