Our values

People worshiping God at Trinity Central Church Vancouver.

Values shape how we do what we dream of doing. If we could sum up our values in a sentence, we would say: we are a family on Jesus’ mission together.

What exactly do we mean by that phrase?


A family…

The Father has adopted us as children into His household – the church is God’s family!

As God’s family, we are called to love each other – relationships may start with coffee at the end of a meeting but we don’t want them to end there. Rather, we are intentionally “going deep” with each other, seeking to love and serve each other in the nitty-gritty of everyday life.


…on Jesus’ mission…

Jesus stepped out of Heaven and came to earth to seek and save lost people.  Jesus triumphed over sin and death at the Cross, rose from the dead, and then assigned to His disciples the mission of proclaiming the good news of His Kingdom to the world – and they did!

They preached the Gospel, cared for the poor, healed the sick, set the oppressed free, lived out their faith in their communities, raised up new leaders and sent them out to plant new churches. By planting churches they formed new communities into which new believers could be born again and flourish, “cities on a hill” which displayed the goodness of God to the world around them.

Trinity Central exists to be one such faith-filled, God-glorifying, outward-focused community. It is our mission as disciples of Jesus to continue the work of making disciples of all nations begun by those first disciples.



For Trinity Central to be such a faith-filled, city-transforming, reproducing church we need every member playing their part, recognizing that we each have a unique and necessary part to play.


Please read our downloadable Member’s Manual starting at page 22 to further explore our values. You can also listen to our membership talks

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