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April 16-19 – Trinity Central’s first Week of Prayer

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Prayer is our conversation with God, and is therefore central to both the Christian life, and the life of God’s family, the church. It’s the means by which we have relationship with God, it’s the context in which we hear His voice. Prayer declares our dependency on God. We’re therefore very excited to have Trinity Central’s first week of prayer coming up in April (16-19), and we’d love to encourage you to be involved!

We’d love to encourage each member of the Trinity Central family to set that week aside as a week of prayer, and to give prayer a real focus! Some might decide they want to fast as part of that: it may be that you fast a particular thing, or that you fast for a day of it- there are lots of different ways of participating.

As part of the week, we’ll be meeting together in four different ways to give lots of opportunity to gather, worship and pray:

On Tuesday 16 April all leaders will be gathering to pray together (that means anyone with any responsibility for leading others in church life, whether leading a LifeGroup or a serving team, or anything else!)

On Wednesday 17 April the guys will be gathering to pray.

On Thursday 18 April it’ll be the ladies‘ turn.

On Friday 19 April we’d love to see everyone in Trinity Central gathering to finish off the week together.

We’re looking forward to God speaking to us as a church family over the week, we’re looking forward to a real sense of God’s’ hand being on us and to pressing forward together into all that He has planned for us.

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