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King and Kingdom – exploring the Gospel of Mark

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A new teaching series from Trinity Central.

We’re excited to start our new series ‘King and Kingdom’ this week as we step into the Gospel of Mark together. Mark is the ‘action Gospel’ – a fast paced account of Jesus’ ministry years: miracles, teaching, opposition, disciple-making, and ultimately, sacrifice and resurrection!

Over the months to come we’ll spend time gazing on our Saviour, the One who gave His all for us. An eternal King, yet clothed with frail humanity. A conqueror who submitted Himself to suffering. We’ll be challenged by His focus, provoked by His hatred of sin, comforted by His care for those He interacted with, and assured of His eternal commitment to us, His church, in the cross.

It’s a season to gain knowledge about Him, but more than that, to experience Emmanuel – God with us. It’s a season to be caught up in the advance of His Kingdom, that His glory might shape our lives and the city we live in.
Come with us on a journey of discovery, and open your heart afresh to wonder and worship!

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