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Pursuing the Presence of God

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If you haven’t yet reserved your seat for our Pursuing His Presence conference, STOP reading this blog post right now and do that! You can find a detailed breakdown of the day and register your place here, and it’s totally free!


At Trinity Central we love to spend time in God’s presence – in our worship, in our prayer meetings, in our Life Groups, and in our relationships. It’s challenging to set aside all the other “things” in our lives that tug us in a million different directions. We are living lives that are more full of “stuff” than ever before and often we have to fight through the clutter, business and the ever growing to-do lists that clamour for our attention.


There is always something that needs to be done, but as we were reminded a couple of Sundays ago (you can listen to Rhys’ preach on Reclaiming Mission here), it is not everything else and then we squeeze God in at the end. Biblically, it is God first and then everything else finds its good and rightful place.


GOD IS GOOD, and He truly and deeply desires to be at the very heart of all we do, all that motivates us, indeed, at the very heart of us. He gives us His Holy Spirit, Word, community, and gifts to lead and guide us on our pursuit of Him. One such gift is PEOPLE – people who have a passion for, and spiritual anointing to encourage, lead and help others in this very pursuit. We are blessed to have friendships with such a team of people!


This Monday a team from King’s Church in Horsham (UK), will be joining us for a week. They are here to pray and prophesy with us, encourage us and build us up. If you’re a youth, the team is going to be spending some focused time with you. If you’re in business, there is an exciting opportunity to have breakfast with some of the team and find out more how to live our faith in the marketplace. One of the things we are most excited about is the conference on Saturday October 20th, where they will encourage and challenge us to PURSUE GOD’S PRESENCE!


In a nutshell, our focus will be on:

  • Going deeper with Jesus
  • Stepping into freedom
  • Growing as a prophetic people
  • And, growing as worshippers who praise God in Spirit and Truth


When we make the intentional pursuit of God and His Presence a priority, He richly blesses us with Himself, and His love, kindness, affirmation, encouragement, grace and every good thing. He Himself, is indeed our Greatest Treasure!


Take a minute to read Luke 15:11-32 – the parable of the Prodigal Son. You can not even begin to fathom how much He desires to be with you!!!


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