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Steve and Ruth Brading are coming to visit

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We are very pleased to welcome Steve and Ruth Brading to Trinity Central in November. Steve has served as an elder in the Hastings and Woking Newfrontiers churches (in the UK) and Steve and Ruth helped plant Grace City Church in Sydney, Australia, where Steve also served as an elder. They are now retired and so available to bless us (with thanks to Terry Virgo, who recommended them). Steve and Ruth will be visiting us from November 11 to November 25. Steve will preach during our Sunday services.

Prophetic Workshop

In addition, on Saturday, November 16, the Bradings will host a prophetic workshop for us called “Hearing God”. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. It will go from 9:30am-12:30 pm, and it will be held at City Life Church (2715 West 12th Ave, V6K 3X3). Don’t miss it!

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