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The developing team

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Last night we had our first Trinity Central prayer meeting. It was a fabulous evening, full of faith and passion for what God is calling us to. There was a sense of it being a prophetic evening, it was a foretaste of what is to come in Vancouver, when we gather as a church to worship and pray. The strange thing about it was that it was in our lounge in London, UK. Nevertheless, we joined together in prayer for the people of Vancouver, for visas, for jobs, for salvation and for God’s provision.

One of the privileges of leading this church plant is seeing the way God is developing our team. At the moment it is far flung – with people in New Brunswick, British Columbia, Scotland and England. And already it is a multi-cultural team, another hint of what’s to come.

Hearing people’s stories of how God has led them, sometimes over a number of years, has been quite thrilling.

It is quite a wondrous thing to find yourself among a group of people who are leaving their lives behind to start this adventure: some are leaving their home country, some selling their homes, many giving up good jobs, many saying goodbye to family. It’s a humbling thing to be in a room with people who are prepared to sacrifice so much for the sake of the Gospel.

But moments like this give rise to faith. It is incredibly faith building to stand in a room full of people who are all depending on God to enable them to be part of His mission.

Many of our team are too far away to join us for these evenings. We’ll be gathering more of the team next weekend in Sussex (England), and then for a weekend at North in August. After that my family and I head off to Vancouver, and the next phase of the journey begins.

Do join with us in prayer, that God will bring the team together in Vancouver in due course, providing all that is needed, and that He will make us a tremendously effective team together, reaching many cultures with the Gospel and planting a wonderfully God-centred church in Vancouver.


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