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Thirsty for Grace

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by Danielle Earle

Trinity Central is gearing up for one of our biggest (and favourite!) events of the year – THIRST. Thirst is our annual church weekend away and let me just say, every year Thirst just totally blows me away!! We get together for camp fires and s’mores, talent shows, friendships and fun, but so much more beyond that: God always meets with us and we get to celebrate and worship Him as well as seeing salvations, baptisms, and people enjoying new found freedoms.

God is good! He is so, so good!!

Well, this year is particularly exciting because Terry and Wendy Virgo will be joining us for the weekend! Last week we took a look at Terry and the history of New Frontiers (click here to read about it).  We are so excited to welcome them on our weekend away, but before that we are having a whole day before Thirst, on June 16th, dedicated to hearing Terry share something he is incredibly passionate about, something he speaks about with deep conviction, and something he (and we!) desire to see lived out among God’s people: GRACE.

Here is a short clip to whet your appetite:

Terry Virgo: On Grace from Jubilee Church on Vimeo.

Trust me, you do not want to miss this, this message could change your life!

Grab your tickets soon because they are selling out fast! For more details and to sign up for the Amazing Grace day conference go here.

Don’t forget to check back on the blog next week!! Milly Jones will be sharing more about our up coming Church weekend away, THIRST!!

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