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Three Years Together

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Four years ago six of us were sitting around a table in a pizza restaurant in London, England, planning and praying for a church plant in Vancouver.

Three years ago, some fifteen of us were gathering in our front room to pray and talk about what it means to be a church.

Fast forward to today, and it is breathtaking to see what God has done. Those fifteen people have multiplied almost ten-fold into a vibrant church family. What a joy is is to be together! There are genuine marks of family among us: a love for being together before our Heavenly Father, a joy in seeing others added to us, a deep and genuine care for one another.

Sure, there’s much to grow in… Sure, there’s loads yet to do! There are many promises that God has given us that haven’t been fulfilled – some that aren’t even on the horizon yet! But stopping and looking back for a moment is profound. What has God done among us?

There are people I count as good friends whom I didn’t even know three years ago. There are stories of incredible generosity: time, finance and care between us. Marriages that have come out of this community. Babies born into it.

Together we have given and served and laughed and prayed. Sometimes we have held one another as we have wept our way through pain and grief.

We have grown in expectation. We know that God is doing something special among us – there is an anticipation in the air that we are on the brink of an incredible journey together when we gather to pray.

Three short years!

A friend of mine used to say: You can achieve less than you think in one year, but far more than you can imagine in five years. It’s so true! What will the next two years hold for us? What will we look back over when we are five?

One day we will look around the room and say: “I was there at the beginning – when Trinity Central was just a toddler church. Look what God has done with us!”

Come and join us on Sunday 1 February as we celebrate 3 years together, and consider what God has said about our future. Be part of building a family with eternal implications. I dare you!

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