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Trinity Central’s BBQ in the park

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This summer Trinity Central Church in Vancouver has had two fabulous community BBQs in Emery Barnes Park, Yaletown.

On Sunday 16 August we had our second BBQ, and what a great success it was. Despite an unpromising start to the morning with grey skies and a chill in the air, by the time we headed out to the park after the morning service the sun was shining beautifully and the park was a bustle of activity as parents let their kids run off steam in the play area.

Setting up the BBQ, tables for henna and facepainting, large jugs of cold water and juice and a helium pump for balloons – it all took place relatively quickly, showing again that many hands make light work! Then all that was left was to put up large signs letting everyone in the park know this was a free event, and finally just enjoying it!

The face painters, and henna artists were kept busy all afternoon, with the washable ‘tattoos’ also popular. The balloon table soon revealed who amongst us has balloon shaping skills… and who doesn’t! The kids enjoyed a team race, and a very excited girls’ team celebrated finishing ahead of both boys’ teams.

It was great to see members of the community walking over to check us out and join in, the children often being the first to be curious. Quite a few folks passing through stopped off for a free hot dog or burger, and stayed around for a chat while eating. One couple joining us shared that they live in the area and had been looking for a church for over a year, unaware there was one right on their doorstep. Hopefully they’ll come and join us on a Sunday morning soon!

There were many fruitful conversations with people in the park, as well as relationships with those new to Trinity being built up. Thanks to all who pitched in to help with the day, the day was a great success.