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Vision Sunday 2018

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by Danielle Earle

It’s a cold Sunday morning, and as I enter the Vancity Theatre I am greeted with cheek to cheek smiles, people huddled in clusters, some laughing, some having more serious conversations and others holding their coffees close to their faces. There are people of all ages loving one another and children running up and down with squeals of delight… and I am home. It’s a special day as we gather as a church because Trinity Central is 6 years old!


We are looking forward to new seasons, new maturity, new challenges, new lessons to be learned, new encouragements, new places and new people. We are expectant!

The last six years have been a mix of pioneering, challenges, heartbreak, love, babies, reconciliation, partnership, encouragement, grace, growth, faith, salvation, testimonies and prayer. There are so many words we could use to describe the last 6 years. We are immensely grateful to be included in God’s redemptive work in Vancouver – both in our city and in ourselves. Wow, God is faithful!


We spend the morning worshipping God together and we listen to God’s encouragement for us moving forward. We rejoice in His goodness to us as a church in Vancouver. After the message there is a time for prayer, as every Sunday, because at the heart of this church our aim is and always has been to point people back to God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. To be Trinity Central.

Our worship flows into coffee time, enjoying friendships and celebratory cookies, and there’s a sense from people that this year is going to be super exciting. Many conversations are spent remembering times when things looked a little different. We remember the good times, and the harder times, but in all of it we are reminded that God is good.

Our culture insists we just keep going, keep pushing, don’t look back, when actually, throughout the Bible we see an encouragement to “build pillars”, to remember, to look back (see for example Joshua 4:1-10). Because when we look back we are reminded of God’s faithfulness, and that gives us the gusto to go forward in triumphant faith. So looking back at our history, we cannot help but feel completely fired up and full of courage and expectancy going forward, because, indeed, God IS faithful and He IS so undeniably good!


To listen to our full Vision Sunday’s message, click here, and go to VISION SUNDAY 2018.


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