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Why are you going to Thirst – Part 2

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There are just two weeks left to get yourself registered for the event of the year – Thirst 2015!

If you still haven’t booked and are looking for a reason why you should – we’ve rounded up a few more people to tell us why they’re excited about going to Thirst this year. And once you’ve let them convince you – register now to join us at Thirst 2015!

EmmaEmma Marsh (UK) –  I came to Thirst last year from England and am returning for it again this year! I was overwhelmed by what an amazing weekend it was! Such a refreshing time of being able to soak in the presence of God, with great teaching, times of worshipping together and LOTS of fun! It was such a great opportunity to meet so many incredible people with such an inspiring love and passion for Jesus, growing community and seeing His church built in the city of Vancouver and beyond!

I am super excited to be able to come back again this year for all the above reasons and many more!


johnJohn Loyer – I’m going to Thirst this year because Thirst 2014 is where, amongst many things, I got some very seriously needed words of encouragement, teaching, prayer, and Godly fellowship. It was the beginning of restoration, hope, new church community and renewed growth. So this year I’m going with high expectations that I will have another powerful experience with God that will propel me yet again into a new season of growth this coming year.

James 4:8 (ESV) Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.


ChrisChris Wyper – I have been going to events such as Thirst every year since I’ve been a friend of Jesus.  I can say, without exaggeration that God has shown up every time and revealed Himself in fresh, new and exciting ways.  He has spoken clearly about where to go and what to do next on several occasions. He has ALWAYS satisfied His saints with His presence at events such as Thirst. I feel that as vessels of His presence, it’s good not only to have our engines filled regularly but also to have an annual overhaul, a fresh oil change to keep our mechanical parts working a little smoother.  A lot more fun and satisfying than the Grouse Grind!


johannesJohannes Heim – I’m going to Thirst for three simple reasons. Firstly, it’s that one time in the year where no appointment, task, or meeting can stop me from spending quality time with the people I love – my wider family, Trinity Central. Secondly, it’s an opportunity to get a feeling for where we are plugged in. I’m so looking forward to hearing Gary Gallant and Jeremy Simpkins. Both have an incredible passion for Jesus and the Church, and I always feel greatly inspired after listening and speaking to them. Thirdly and most importantly, it’s a weekend where I have great expectations to hear God speak powerfully into my life. While this can happen at every time and place, church weekends have turned out to be a time where the whole church seems to have their ears closer to God’s lips, metaphorically speaking.

The quality of the preaching, the impact of the prophetic words, the intensity of the worship are all reasons why I loved our last church weekend. I expect the same, if not more for Thirst 2015.


tatendaTatenda Makanga – I am really looking forward to being part of Thirst this year. Having missed Thirst last year because of a work trip to Zimbabwe, I am pumped up for this year. There is just something about people intentionally taking time off to meet with God, and my experience is that God shows up!

For me, Thirst 2015 will be a time to meet with God, connect with people and also rediscover the meaning of God’s mission and how my family and I are to participate in that.

Can’t wait!

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