CAP Money Course

Get wise with your money

Budget. Save. Spend.

The CAP money course is designed to help you get control of your finances. Over four evening sessions you will learn practical money management, including building a budget, saving for future needs, and spending wisely, not impulsively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to get a better handle on their financial situation by learning about the basics of personal money management. 


When is the course being run? 

We have finished running CAP courses for 2021.  Check back here regularly to look out for dates in 2022.


What does a typical evening look like?

Each evening begins at 8pm and lasts about 90 minutes.  Each session will be hosted on Zoom by our CAP team. The evening is a mixture of short videos, activities, and discussion on various topics.

What topics are covered?

You will learn about building and balancing a budget, and a method (the CAP Money System) that will help you to spend more wisely and save more effectively. There is also a section on reducing your debt.

 What topics are NOT covered?

The CAP Money Course is about financial basics. It does not cover things like investing your money or cryptocurrencies or the like.

How can I have the best experience possible?

Make these evenings a comfortable experience! Grab a beverage and some snacks, get in a good spot for your wifi, and prepare to have a great time.


What is CAP? CAP is Christians Against Poverty, an organization that started in the UK in 1996. CAP has been in Canada since 2013. CAP has two specialties, the Money Course and the Debt Centres (the latter are not yet available in BC). You can find out more on their website. 


What does it cost?

It’s free!