The Marriage Course

Invest in your relationship

Take time to connect

We’d love you to join us on the Marriage Course.

Marriage has the potential to be the most intimate and fulfilling relationship we can experience, but it can also be a source of great loneliness and challenge.

Whether your relationship has never been stronger or feels like it is in a difficult place, the Marriage Course is an opportunity to invest in your relationship and to connect (or re-connect) with each other.

The seven evenings take the form of a date night: in the comfort and privacy of your own home you’ll receive practical guidance on how to build a strong relationship. You will hear stories of couples who have put these principles into practice and seen their marriages transformed.

Dates for the Marriage Course in 2022 coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the course for?

Some couples come to invest in an already strong relationship, others come to address specific challenges that they’re facing. While based on Christian principles, the Marriage Course is designed for all couples, whether they have a faith background or not, and we welcome every couple whether they are married or cohabiting.


What does it cost?

The cost of the course is $30 per couple. 

Each couple will receive two journals, which are an important part of the journey through the course, and the cost covers these books.

When is the course being run?

We are kicking off on Thursday, May 6 and running for seven weeks, finishing on Thursday, June 17.  Each evening begins at 8:00pm and runs to about 9:45 pm.


What does a typical evening look like?

Each session will be hosted on Zoom by Rhys and Sara Scott. Having introduced the evening they will begin the videos, at which point all the couples will shut off their cameras and audio. The videos and journals lead us through the evening’s material, with a mix of expert insights, real experiences from couples all over the globe and time to talk together.

 Will I be asked to share with strangers?

At no point will you be asked to share details of your relationship with others – this is just for you and your other half. Once the videos begin there will be breaks during which you will have time to chat together as a couple. These conversations will be private – your video and audio will be off. 


How can I have the best experience possible?

Make these evenings a date night! Dim the lights and set up a cozy atmosphere – maybe some candles? – grab a glass of wine (or your preferred fancy beverage) and your favourite snacks, and prepare your heart to be open with your partner.


Who created the Marriage Course?

The Marriage Course started at a church called Holy Trinity Brompton (known as HTB), London, in 1996. Since then, it has been run in 127 countries around the world, reaching nearly one million couples. It is led and hosted by an outstanding couple, Nicky and Sila Lee.