Hailing from the wilds of darkest Ontario, Ben is married to Rachelle and they have two wonderful daughters, Ivy and Ruby. Ben and Rachelle lead Trinity Kids together. Ben loves playing ice hockey and staying fit.


  1. Hi Elder Ben,

    Good afternoon from this end.My full name is Joshua Enock Tami Bui from Papua New Guinea.I am a good young male christian.I am interested in your church and I love your beautiful family in the Lord.Congratulations for that and love you and your family.Anyways,I am interested in your church and therefore I would like to make my way to Canada and worship our God via your church in Canada.With this,please do not mind write me an invitation / or sponsorship letter and will use that to come and join with your church in Canada.Please advise ASAP and am awaiting for your quick respond shortly.


    Joshua Enock Tami Bui
    (Christian Friend from Papua New Guinea)

  2. Hello

    I am sara ,I,m iranian.I am sending you an email and asking for help. My husband and I are Christians and we live in Turkey. We are facing social pressures and persecution of religious people. The lack of job security and the lack of basic citizenship rights have made life very difficult for us.If I want to tell the terrible things that happened to me in Iran, I would have to write hundreds of pages. We fled from the danger of death in Iran and became refugees in Turkey hoping for a normal and safe life.  Because of the religious prejudices of the Turkish people, life here has become unbearable. We have been undecided in Turkey for about 7 years. unchr in turkey has abandoned its mandate and the UN office has left the refugee case alone. We ask for your help. Please if you can help us or guide us so that I can find a sponsor for refugee.

    God blessing all of you.

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