The STEPS Course

Find freedom from unhelpful patterns


Everybody struggles with something.

From insecurity and fear, to anxiety, addiction, low self-esteem, and anger issues, these thoughts and patterns of behaviour stop us from living our lives to the full.

“It helped me to confront unhelpful behaviours and thought processes in an open way and not to ‘pretend’ they are not an issue.”
STEPS is a 12-week journey towards freedom. Through the book, film series, and weekly group session, find the tools to help you break free from unhelpful patterns.

One book, 12 steps. Why not try it and see by coming along? 

If you have a question for Darren & Elaine, our STEPS facilitators, or you would like to register your interest in the next course, please click the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the course for?

Everyone is welcome, regardless of faith background. STEPS provides a safe environment for anyone to work through unhelpful thought patterns or behaviours that have been holding them back from living life to the full, through a course which combines gospel principles and self-reflection. 


How is the course structured?

The STEPS experience is threefold: Each week, during the group session, we will access teaching through watching a video series (20-25 mins); engage in self-reflection on questions in a course book; then participate in a structured group-sharing session over Zoom.


What does it cost?

The introduction session is free and if you decide to take this STEPS journey, the total cost is $35 per person. The cost covers access to the weekly videos, and a course book.


When is the course being run?

The course generally runs on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm. See above when we will next be running STEPS, or email Darren and Elaine via the button, also above.


What will a typical evening look like?

Each 1.5 hour group session will be facilitated by Darren and Elaine on Zoom. The facilitators will start each session with a brief sharing of the Step for that week.  We will watch a 20 minute video together as a group, then proceed into breakout rooms (depending on group size) for the sharing session.

You will have the opportunity to share your reflections on the Step you worked on that week in a non-judgmental, no-feedback environment. It is simply a safe space for you to express yourself and share your discoveries as you go through the process. Step 5 is a special part of the STEPS journey and is normally held on a Saturday from 9am-12:30pm (more information to be provided as you journey through the course). 

 Will I be asked to share with strangers? 

You can share as much as you are comfortable with. From our experience, as the group journeys together, participants become more courageous about sharing their reflections. The sharing is facilitated by a set of guidelines – everything shared is confidential and no one (including facilitators) are allowed to interrupt, comment, advise, or counsel those who are sharing. 

How can I have the best experience possible?

Preparation is key – prepare your reflections and questions from the coursebook prior to the Zoom sessions.  Be present when watching the videos. Be open when sharing your reflections.  Your facilitators will journey with you as they too will be working on finding freedom from their own unhelpful thought/behavior pattern.

Who created the STEPS course?

Lars Due-Christensen, his wife Mette, and a group of church leaders in Denmark created a 12-step course using biblical narratives and principles to create a safe space for everybody to receive the help of God in order to find freedom from unhelpful patterns.

The first STEPS course began in 2006, and has since been brought to many churches in the UK and beyond. It is hosted by coaches and facilitators who have each journeyed through the process and found freedom and gained a renewed way of living.


I’d like more information. Can I speak to someone first?

Absolutely. You’re welcome to contact our STEPS facilitators Darren & Elaine by email at

Sign-up for the next introduction session on the button above where they will walk you through an exercise to narrow down the topic you want to address. From there, you can decide if STEPS is for you. One book, 12 steps. Why not try it and see?