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Leaders lunch with Joe Crummey and Kevin Calhoun

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On Saturday 2 Feb we will be hosting a ‘Leaders Potluck Lunch’ with Joe Crummey and Kevin Calhoun. We’re really excited to be introducing you all to Joe and Kevin that weekend.

Introducing Joe & Kevin

Joe and Kevin are members of the Newfrontiers Canadian team, and elders at Christ Central Church, Fredericton – the church which Trinity Central has been planted out of.  While many of us have not yet met them, they have been working with us behind the scenes for the past two years to make the planting of Trinity Central possible.

Who’s the lunch for?

The lunch is open to anyone who has served as a leader in Trinity Central this past year, or is serving as a leader this coming year, or who hopes to serve in some way as a leader in the future! So, as you can see, we’re making it a very wide-open invitation! We see it as a real equipping opportunity, and we’d love to see as many people equipped as possible!

What will happen?

Joe will be speaking as part of it on developing as a leader in the team, and I’ve heard him on the subject before – he’s outstanding. Not only that, but he’s put it into practice over the past fifteen years, and they’ve seen a great church and an outstanding team established in Fredericton.

Please RSVP

We need to know how many people are coming, so let us know that you’re coming using the form below.


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