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Vancouver, here we come!

On Saturday, we had our second ‘Vancouver Day’ in London, UK, a day for anyone with an interest in church planting with Trinity Central in Vancouver. We had a great day together! Kicking things off with worship, we shared where we’re at with one another and then spent time praying for one another and Vancouver.…


A busy weekend coming up!

There’s lots happening this weekend! On Saturday evening (19 Nov) in Vancouver we’re having Cheese and Wine at Dave and Ange Martin’s apartment. From 7pm, they’re at Suite 705, 1111 Burnaby Str, Downtown Vancouver. Hope to see you there! On Sunday afternoon (20 Nov) in Vancouver we’re gathering for our second church plant meeting at…


The church is the prize

Church life can be a drudge! It is possible to get bored, to find ourselves in a routine of just going to stuff, going through the motions, and not really finding it’s challenging us and strengthening us. We can become familiar with what happens week to week, the teaching doesn’t seem to grip us like…