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What’s on in July?

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July 7 is wedding Sunday (10am start time)

We will be doing something delightfully different for our Sunday morning service on July 7 – having a wedding! Our dear friends Art Graham and Laura Petek will be exchanging marriage vows during our morning service in Yaletown. We will begin with a time of worship and then have a short preach on marriage. We will take a quick break to bring in the children from their Trinity Kids activities, and then finish with the wedding ceremony and a final song.

PLEASE NOTE THE SERVICE WILL BEGIN AT 10AM and end at about 11:45am. There will be a stand-up reception with appetizers served after the service. Come early to get a good seat.

Come Dine With Us – Saturday, July 13

We want to get the church eating together and making new friends – to see Trinity folks enjoying lovely meals with great people they might not normally spend time with.

How can you be involved? SIMPLY SIGN UP and tell us whether you want to be a guest or a host. We’ll be in touch with the details (such as number of guests you can accommodate or dietary requirements you may have) and then we’ll match guests to hosts.

If you’re a guest, a few days in advance you’ll be given the address where you’ll be enjoying a meal. If you’re a host, you’ll be told how many people are coming and other relevant details. Then come Saturday the 13th, turn up and enjoy yourself!

**** We recommend you get your babysitters booked in quickly! *****

Come pray with us Wednesday, July 24

The church is powered by prayer – we know that it is God who changes lives and the world so that’s why we call on Him. Please join us on Wednesday, July 24 as we come together to pray at the Roundhouse.

Where: Roundhouse Community Centre                                      When: 7:30pm

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