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LifeGroups – Food, glorious food!

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Our new LifeGroup term is kicking off this week – and we couldn’t be more excited! 

At Trinity Central we love LifeGroups. They are a central part of our vision to see lives built into deep relationships with Jesus and each other. We believe that building friendships is a good thing – and we love getting together in the presence of God!

Our LifeGroups meet weekly in each other’s homes, and we always eat together. Why? Well firstly, because food is good! It’s also important – we all have to eat!

But don’t get the idea that we start with a meal purely for practical reasons. We base our LifeGroups around a meal for two main reasons – 1) we believe sharing a meal together is a form of worship and 2) we know it’s a fantastic way to grow strong relationships with one another.

So we hope you’ll join us in seeing eating together in LifeGroup as an important part of the evening, just as reading the Bible, praying for one another and worshipping together are. It doesn’t have to be a gourmet spread, and we’re not really in competition for who has the best cooks in their LifeGroup (we really aren’t!). We just want our LifeGroups to grow strong, deep connections, which help us all to do life together – which is what LifeGroups are all about!

Not in a LifeGroup yet? View our LifeGroups page to check out where they are and pick one to try out! 

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