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Why are you coming to Thirst? Part 1

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Thirst 2015 is getting closer, and we at Trinity Central think it’s the place you need to be this summer. But don’t just take our word for it!

We have people booked in for Thirst from Vancouver, Fredericton NB, the United Kingdom and even from Jakarta, Indonesia! So we asked a few people the important question – why are you coming to Thirst?

Ash Vaughan (Vancouver) – I think everyone has that one memory where they look back and think “That… was.…. awesome!!!!!” for me it was Thirst!  I can’t wait to go again this year! It’s an amazing weekend filled with laughter, fun, food, where new friendships begin, old friendships deepen, and more importantly, a weekend where you will encounter God in powerful ways!!!!!!! I can give you the “Ashley Vaughan Guarantee” that you will not regret going, so come join the party!!!!!


Jen Van Dijk (Jakarta, Indonesia) – Thirst takes on a whole new meaning for us! We felt like our time with our Trinity Central family was just too short. Last summer, we came to Jakarta to teach. It has been a wonderful year for us in many ways, but not without its challenges and difficulties at times. The Lord has challenged us, loved us unconditionally and His grace is always sufficient. We are really looking forward to being with people who know us well. We are looking forward to seeing your familiar faces and worshipping our creator with you all again. For us, it will be a time of refreshing and re-connecting with people we love wholeheartedly. We are also really looking forward to meeting all of the new Trinity Central babies – there are quite a few! We covet your prayers and have prayed often for you as well. We are ‘thirsty’ for fellowship and community and we cannot wait to see you all again SOON!!!


Sam Verghese (Vancouver) – Why am I going to Thirst?  The answer is simple. I love hanging out with my family; I love to spend time in God’s presence; I love to worship; I love to camp; I love to enjoy life. Thirst allows me to do all these at the same time!  I find that at these family gatherings I am able to connect with people that I might not usually get to connect with, as well as grow the relationships deeper.  What am I expecting?  To be honest, I want to be surprised by God. I am expecting him to move powerfully in the life of the church and also my own.


Daisy Wyper (Manchester, UK) – I’m massively excited for Thirst because God has been raising my expectations of what He can do. This is the same God who raised people from the dead, who stilled raging seas and designed the human body (I think one of the most intricate and amazing things in creation). God is going to be present with His people, which means lives will be changed. I’m looking forward to coming away from Thirst different to how I arrived and I’m looking forward to seeing what God is going to do around me, in everyone else’s lives


Milly Jones (Vancouver) – When we first arrived at Trinity Central everyone was still buzzing about the last church weekend away – and we really felt like we’d missed out. So when booking for Thirst 2014 opened we were the first to put our names down! I’m so glad we did. Apart from the great opportunity to get to know people better or meet new people, I really valued the amazing flow of the prophetic through the weekend. Prophetic words given to me personally were an encouragement and things I have held on to through the year. I was also thrilled to see the children of Trinity Central stepping out and bringing prophetic words to the church! It was a powerful weekend, and nothing could make me miss Thirst 2015!


Jonny Somers-Harris (Vancouver) – If you ever wished that the Sunday morning worship session or a lifegroup meeting or a prayer evening didn’t have to end so quickly, then Thirst will be right up your alley. Trinity Central is still experiencing the ripple effects from last year’s Thirst, and I can’t wait to see how God will blow that out of the water this year.

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